Our Approach

The Montreal Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants and has been dedicated to implant and cosmetic reconstruction of dentition and maxillary bones since 1985. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, our clinic boasts 4 operating rooms, complete with cutting-edge implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry equipment. Our top-notch tools include digital and intra-oral cameras, smile simulation design via computer image or acrylic model, and much more. Virtual tour of our center.

You will always be greeted with courteous service for a pain-free approach and rigorous monitoring. Our center is specifically designed to ensure a pleasant, comfortable visit. Even the most anxious of clients can leave their fearful experiences behind and relax during their treatment. Our dedicated team is committed to excellence. We also respect your privacy in our closed rooms. We're not a factory: every patient is a VIP and has access to Dr. Farsirotu at any time. It is this high quality on which we have built our reputation.

Our Mission Statement

Our philosophy of practice is 2 fold:

1. Being of service to the fellow man.

Our patients will enjoy the utmost quality of service and the best prices. This is made possible by the long, hard earned experience of the doctor and by utilizing the most recent technologies that reduce the time of surgery.

2. Generosity.

A portion of the annual income of the doctor will be donated to different humanitarian causes in the world.