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Your teeth can get up to 10 times whiter in just one hour of whitening at the dentist; that is 52 % more effective them home whitening. (Loma Linda University, California). We use a leading-edge device designed by NASA engineers that whitens teeth more effectively. It is safe, and will not damage fillings or tooth enamel. Our whitening gel is the only gel approved by the American Dental Association.

At the initial consultation, we will examine the condition of your teeth and gums. A dental cleaning is generally required to remove the initial stains. Then, a whitening gel is applied and a laser is directed onto the gel to activate the process. The BriteSmile MD Rembrant (laser) method will have your teeth at their brightest. The clinical treatments are combined with complimentary whitening strips for use at home for one week. We love shiny white teeth as much as you do. Let us revitalise your smile.

Whitening beautiful smile

Home whitening at a great price

Some clinics charge inflated prices for their home whitening products. Our unbeatable prices make it accessible. Contact us for details.

Tray whitening is a well-established cosmetic dentistry practice. Specially formulated products enable patients to attain fast, simple whitening results – safely. Results do vary from person to person based on treatment duration, tooth structure and the state and colour of teeth prior to the treatment. Tray whitening, while effective, demands a longer treatment period than whitening at the dentist.

At your initial visit, we’ll take an imprint of your mouth for a custom dental mould. Our experts will explain the procedure and provide detailed instructions. The gel must be applied to the custom trays and worn for several hours per day for about 3 weeks or longer. When done correctly, tray whitening is a safe, non-damaging, effective way to brighten your smile for years to come

Whitening beautiful smile