Our team, Dr. Farsirotu, and you

Our team is comprised of well-known experts in the cosmetic dentistry, dental implant, and bone regeneration fields.

Dr. Sorin Farsirotu, Doctor of Stomatology, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), General Dentist, and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, boasts over 27 years of experience, 22 of which have been dedicated to cosmetic and implant dentistry. He pioneered regeneration techniques of the jawbone using growth factors. He has published numerous articles in Canadian, American, and International journals on bone regeneration using growth factors. He was among those that initiated cosmetic dentistry and the interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitating dentition in severe cases. His works have been published in Canadian and American dental journals.

A university lecturer and clinical instructor, he taught advanced restorative dentistry at a dental faculty in Montreal. He also taught, at a post graduate level, maxillary sinus grafting and implant surgeries. His lectured on the subject of implant and grafting surgeries at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles in 2002. Read his published works.

Dr. Farsirotu associates are in a position to offer a complete dental treatment array of services.