The many benefits of CEREC 3D technology

Are you teeth tired, cracked, and lackluster? Our exclusive treatment will strengthen your teeth in a single visit. Ceramic veneers will make your teeth look naturally perfect. 3D is a proven, durable, fast dental restoration method to restore form and function to your teeth. Doctor Farsirotu will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you might have. Once the affected tooth is prepped, an optical imprint of the tooth is capture with a 3D camera. You can actually watch the virtual restoration of your tooth in 3D animation. In minutes, a ceramic work of art is formed and polished to resemble tooth enamel before being affixed to the tooth.

CEREC 3D technology offers a non-metal ceramic material with the highest precision, aesthetic, and function. Your crown/veneer/ inlay is performed in one visit and has a life that is 3 times longer than conventional restorations, at an even better price. We will repair any breakage free of charge as long as it is the result of normal chewing function over a period of 15 years, as long as you maintain a regular dental visit schedule (cleaning and exams 2x/ year) at our clinic.

Crowns before and after

CEREC 3D technology enables:

CROWNS: Total tooth recovery (for rear or front teeth).

  • Reinforcement of teeth weakened by decay or fillings
  • Reshaping of teeth to balance out your face and smile
  • Sharpening flattened back teeth for improved chewing

VENEERS: Partial coverage of front teeth

  • Permanent whitening
  • Restructuring of mildly misaligned teeth
Crowns before and after